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Marker Crayons

Sure Sired Marker Crayons

Rated by the British Wool Marketing Board as the best group of marker crayons in extensive weather tests, Sure Sired Marker Crayons are bright, durable and fully scourable.

Available in six colours: Red, blue, green, orange, yellow, purple and black

Available in three different climatic compounds: all weather and cold

Long life formulation – mark more ewes per block!

Presented in robust, rust-proof plastic containers

Will not injure ewe when worn down

Secure holding mechanism within Nettex ram harnesses


Colours and types available, packs of 10:

All weather:
(Code 0443) | Blue (Code 0444) | Green (Code 0445) | Orange (Code 0446) | Yellow (Code 0447) | Black (Code 0448)

Cold weather:
(Code 0455) | Blue (Code 0456) | Green (Code 0457) | Orange (Code 0458) | Yellow (Code 0459) | Black (Code 0460)