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Do you farm in a cobalt deficient area?

Due to the poor lambing conditions experienced across the country, the 2018 lamb crop is estimated to be 1.5 million head smaller than last year.  This would be the smallest lamb crop since 2013 although it is anticipated that this will have a positive impact on lamb prices even with increased old season lamb slaughterings.

Marker spray standing the test of time

Knowing the breeding history of ewes and ewe lambs is crucial to maintain the long-term productivity of the flock.

Craig Forsyth, runs a flock of Charollias and Suffolk breeding ewes, in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire. Ensuring he has a clear record of lambing performance, prolificacy and maternal traits is a vital tool for flock management, and the overall system he is running.

“We retain 80% of our ewe lambs, and therefore we need to ensure the information flow is as detailed and accurate as it can be, to continue to improve the genetics and performance of the flock.