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New branding fluid proven in on-farm trials

James Lloyd from Cnewr Estate

On-farm trials have proven the worth of a new branding fluid brought to the market by Nettex this season, providing a long-lasting, reliable management tool for hill farmers.

James Lloyd, from Cnewr Estate in Wales has trialled the product and says, “We go through gallons of marking fluid each year, and Nettex Promark Branding Fluid has been absolutely brilliant from day one. The colours are vibrant and stay true all year.”

Marker spray standing the test of time

Knowing the breeding history of ewes and ewe lambs is crucial to maintain the long-term productivity of the flock.

Craig Forsyth, runs a flock of Charollias and Suffolk breeding ewes, in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire. Ensuring he has a clear record of lambing performance, prolificacy and maternal traits is a vital tool for flock management, and the overall system he is running.

“We retain 80% of our ewe lambs, and therefore we need to ensure the information flow is as detailed and accurate as it can be, to continue to improve the genetics and performance of the flock.

Prioritise quick cow recovery

Correct rehydration post-calving is crucial to support quick cow recovery. Therefore, the importance of administering a balanced rehydration supplement, immediately after calving should not be over looked.

“Calving is an extremely stressful time for the cow. Hormonal, dietary and environmental changes mean cows are exposed to more stress factors than usual,” explains Nettex technical manager, Nia Williams.

Prevent scours to optimise performance

Scours is the most common disease in young calves, and the greatest single cause of death. Managing the risk of disease is crucial to reduce both long-term performance and economic losses.

About half of all calf deaths are caused by scours. But, the consequential economic loss from these deaths represents only a small proportion of the total cost of the disease.

“Rotavirus and coronavirus are two of the most common causes of infectious scours in calves,” says Nia Williams, Nettex technical manager.