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Promark Branding Fluid makes a clear impression


It’s the simple things we look for in our day-to-day and reliability and consistency certainly fall into this category on farm.

James Lloyd, from Cnewr Estate farms 12,000 acres in the heart of the Brecon Beacons running a flock of 6,000 ewes as well as a herd of 260 cross bred suckler cows, on land that rises to 2,400 feet.

New branding fluid proven in on-farm trials

James Lloyd from Cnewr Estate

On-farm trials have proven the worth of a new branding fluid brought to the market by Nettex this season, providing a long-lasting, reliable management tool for hill farmers.

James Lloyd, from Cnewr Estate in Wales has trialled the product and says, “We go through gallons of marking fluid each year, and Nettex Promark Branding Fluid has been absolutely brilliant from day one. The colours are vibrant and stay true all year.”